House XL / SoNo Arhitekti

House XL / SoNo Arhitekti

Family Villa XL is located on the outskirts of a new residential area and it is designed for a large  family of seven. Area is dominated by typical Slovenian urban / rural landscape, that is why the design paraphrases the surrounding typical architectural elements . The house is conceptually formed from two mutually parallel volumes and one connecting volume, which is placed perpendicularly to the other two. All the volumes are elongated with symmetrical gable roofs. Shortest volume is extended into a roofed carport.While the basement level is constructed with reinforced steel the upper floors consist entirely of cross-laminated timber elements. Floor plans are spacious and organized in three levels. Living area, enclosed with large glass surfaces opens to the atrium maintaining the flowing communication between the house interior and surrounding nature. Facade is composed with large-format panels – the connection volume in lighter and the other two in darker colours. Larger glass surfaces are moved inwards and combined with wood cladding. Placed over them is a pattern of vertical narrow wooden  elements that simultaneously function also as sunscreens.

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