Alley house

Alley house

The project sits on two flagstaff lots lying on both north and south-facing plots.
The north side lot will be freely used by their daughter in the future.

The family house for three members, husband, wife and daughter, is located south of the sites.
The connection between north and south will be an important part to construct their daughter’s house on the north side in time to come.

Generally, we lay out a garden on the south side of the site. In this case, we make a plan of a house on the north side.
However, the way of arranging blur the division between the north and south areas.

Therefore, The narrow alley which is one of the characteristics of flagstaff lots is left as it is. It means the narrow street leads to a continuous stretch of the north and south areas.

Then, we took notice three parts of their life.
One is a water section, another is a space for husband’s hobbies, and the other is space for mother and daughter’s.
And also, a space where family gather is located on the lane space in the house.

They can access the family gathering space like alleys passing through the narrow alley.
The family area also allows them to access to their respective spaces from there.
In the future, alley-shaped family space will connect these houses located on the north and south of the site.

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