Vinyl’s Mix / Sides Core

Vinyl’s Mix / Sides Core

This is a relocation project for a salon we designed previously. This is the youngest and most lively of the salon’s locations. The staff has curated a collection of books to showcase their ideas and personalities.  The name “vinyl’s mix” reflects the owner’s idea of integrating music, art and other forms of cultural expression into a hair salon. The library represents this ideal.  The premises have a narrow façade flanked by utility meters, and windows facing the cement block wall of the adjacent property. Rough surroundings reflect the raw, unpolished charm and undiscovered potential of the staff. We chose to make use of those features rather than hide them for an energetic vibe.  Steel beams crisscrossing the ceiling became a grid for lighting fixtures. Water pipes running just below the ceiling are repurposed as supports for a bar to hang garments on. The redesigned interior has plenty of textured materials to harmonize with the existing rough, unfinished space, expressing the essence of the salon. To emphasize the depth of the space, the entrance is a glass sliding door with large, unobstructed panes. Dividers inside are high enough that customers do not feel prying eyes from outside, while still sharing the energy of the space with passersby.

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