Yayoi Kusama dots Philip Johnson’s glass house in a red polka pattern

Yayoi Kusama dots Philip Johnson’s glass house in a red polka pattern

yayoi kusama continues her engagement with philip johnson’s legendary glass house by creating the experience of an ‘infinity room’ using the architecture itself. ‘dots obsession – alive, seeking for eternal hope’ is one of three installations at the site, presented alongside ‘narcissus garden’ and a recently created enormous steel pumpkin. on view for a limited time — september 1 – 26, 2016 — the installation offers visitors the unique experience of simultaneously seeing the world through the eyes of both johnson and kusama.

Covered in red polka dots, the glass house becomes a one-of-a-kind ‘infinity room’, signature to kusama’s oeuvre. ‘my desire is to measure and to make order of the infinite, unbounded universe from my own position within it, with polka dots. – in exploring this, the single dot is my own life, and i am a single particle amongst billions,’ kusama says. directly engaging with the architecture of site, large circular graphics wrap the house’s windows, walls and doors, complementing its structure and aesthetics. in a parallel scenario where philip johnson built the glass house as his own private universe, kusama too constructs an individual and personal world through the repeated representation of the polka dot.

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