ASWA’s solid concrete studio + gallery in Thailand is surprisingly sunny

ASWA’s solid concrete studio + gallery in Thailand is surprisingly sunny

In Bangkok, Thailand, architecture firm ASWA (architectural studio of workaholic) has created a studio and gallery space for a thai artist who values privacy and simplicity. the structure takes the shape of an introverted concrete box with minimal exposure and only a single entrance to communicate with the street outside. ASWA illuminates the enclosed gallery via a large central skylight which, when paired with strategic smaller windows and internal paneling, effectively fills the space with natural, directed sunlight. keeping internal columns to a minimum, the common area is an open and aerated central chamber whose space transitions smoothly into the various connected rooms. a sculptural floating stairwell is the main feature here, its steel spine and exposed wood steps elegantly guiding visitors to the second floor. On the ground level, floor to ceiling windows invite light into the center of the building while the recessed façade of the building ensures that the artist’s privacy is preserved. the large glass panels are steel framed, and when paired with the wood and poured concrete that defines the rest of the space the three combine to create a raw architectural complexion. ‘the imperfect concrete form-tile which created the unique characteristic of this private gallery along with the steel, wood and glass – the purity of materials tend to remind people of craft-work’, says the studio. Continuing upwards, the central shaft of the structure is punctuated by off-set square windows that invite light into connecting rooms. their staggered and irregular positions create an interesting selection of architectural perspectives within the space, guiding the eye of the viewer toward more unassuming aspects of the design. the controlled nature of the light that penetrates the gallery allows for unique definition of space through the use of shade and shadow. inset frames on the the shaft-facing windows double as casual seating, allowing guests to slowly watch the journey of light throughout the day. ASWA regard the bare concrete walls as a kind of living canvas, where sunlight becomes the main attraction, framed and displayed by the surrounding windows.

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