House in Yokkaichi

House in Yokkaichi

The site is in a suberb of Yokkaichi-city, one of the most representative city of industry in Japan. Even though this old town is abundant with nature, in the neighborhood houses are built with fences enclosing their own sites from the local community.
Against this present codition of the surroundings, the project is aimed to open to local community.
The house is set back from the street to obtain sunlight from the south, and this also brings an opportunity for its garden to connect with the other gardenmountainte. Moreover, the garden lets wind to blow east and west and passengers to see range of mountains though itself.
On the exterior wall, huge opening is set up onto the garden and the inside is connected to exterior as an unified space except private rooms.
The huge eaves provides comfortable environment suitable for climate in Japan with the four seasons by cotrolling the amount of sunlight.

On the other hand, the light leaked from high side window lights up the surroundings like a lantern. The house unified with the garden which is continuously renewed by the client is now opened to the local community.

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