Levi Van Veluw carves giant view boxes for Hermès New York window display

Levi Van Veluw carves giant view boxes for Hermès New York window display

Dutch artist levi van veluw continues his collaboration with luxury fashion house Hermès to design the window installations for the 690 and 691 madison avenue boutique in new york. passersby can peer into the windows as single garments such as shoes, a handbag and their new fragrance is framed with a meticulously detailed and vibrant background -like a view box- crafted from wood veneer.

In celebration of the Hermès annual theme ‘nature at full gallop’, the creative concept of the dynamic window installation draws on the idea of three-dimensional wooden versions of the signature Hermès scarves. engaging with the brand’s equestrian tradition, levi van veluw’s designs further celebrate the launch of galop d’hermès, the newest fragrance dedicated to women.

The artist comments: ‘my ambition was to make artworks that are fully integrated with the products. not an artwork with products inside, they really had to be part of it. I approached the products as shapes and materials and transformed them into an abstract installation. making windows for Hermès is an exception for me. normally I only work as an autonomous artist creating exhibitions and show work at galleries. but the 2 projects I did for hermès are important for me. it’s exciting to create strong visual installations for windows that look like giant view boxes. it’s a totally different environment compared to a white cube at a museum or gallery – that makes it interesting for me.’

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