MASS design group’s haiti cholera treatment center profiled in new documentary

MASS design group’s haiti cholera treatment center profiled in new documentary

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit haiti in 2010, MASS design group partnered with a leading health care provider to design a state-of-the-art healthcare facility for cholera. the disease, which had not existed in haiti for more than a century, quickly became a huge problem following the disaster, with patients treated in temporary tents that became hot and difficult to keep sanitary. Working alongside les centres GHESKIO, MASS design group not only built the treatment center, but incorporated an on-site wastewater treatment facility to thwart the re-contamination of water and consequent spread of disease.located in port-au-prince, the facility serves a catchment area of 60,000 haitians, and treats up to 250,000 gallons of wastewater each year. now, six years after MASS began working in haiti, a documentary on the project — titled ‘design that heals’ — tells the story of how the team invested in both long-term infrastructure, and the haitian people, to help heal the community. the building’s façade is made by local haitian metalworkers, and is custom-designed to provide appropriate daylighting and ventilation throughout the facility. MASS worked closely with dr jean-william pape to design a project that used the construction process to address the underlying structural and social conditions that allow cholera to thrive. ‘design that heals’ is an official selection of the NY architecture and design film festival, with screenings held on september 29 and october 1, 2016.

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