Sea Containers / BDG architecture + design and Matheson Whiteley

Sea Containers / BDG architecture + design and Matheson Whiteley

Prior to embarking on the architectural design, BDG undertook a strategic review of Ogilvy and MEC, through our Assess, Audit and Align process, this included a review of relevant future working; benchmarking against similar organisations; analysing the current workplaces and shortlisted buildings; mapping movement patterns, establishing a hierarchy of spaces.  All of the above analysis was compiled into a future working model, based on a more empowered culture of working in a dynamic environment with collaborative working and a common spatial culture.  The chosen building, Sea Containers, has undergone a major refurbishment to provide a new office and hotel building, with Ogilvy and MEC the office tenants. 50% of their space has been taken from Shell + Core to enable the design team to influence the space in a more cost effective and architectural manner. The team has created state of the art flexible workspace – boldly pushing the boundaries of commercial interior architecture.  The project questions all aspects of what commercial environments can offer by setting its sights high and drawing on examples from other landmark buildings along the Southbank. The Sea Containers building offers its users an environment as culturally stimulating as the Hayward Gallery with the quality of the National Theatre and a catering offer to rival the Oxo tower.

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