António Costa lima loops corridor around patio in portuguese house

António Costa lima loops corridor around patio in portuguese house

Located in the coastal town of estoril in south Portugal, ‘astrologer’s house’ is a distinctive property featuring a rectangular layout. the perimeter serves as a corridor wrapping around a generous inner patio and on one side rises as a ramp-like element with the garage and one of the entrances underneath. the exterior, stark white and contemporary, proves to be a distinctive approach in contrast to the neighboring architecture of red-tiled roofs that is typical to the portuguese region.

Realized by antónio costa lima arquitectos, the design of the property was directly influenced by the client in a way that it conceptually represents the travels in which the family has been on. a sense of movement is achieved with this idea and at the same time, the form had to overcome the obstacle of a blind wall belonging to the neighboring building. the lack of windows on the façade gives no hint of what the dwelling contains within. once inside, the promenade runs through the different programs of the house: the ground floor patio, the social area (living room, dining room and kitchen), private areas (rooms and offices) and a terrace, including a roof top garden. This functional corridor offers the home an interesting and playful circulation as it branches off to the different rooms. full height glass is used all around to invite natural light and views into the decked patio.

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