Torre Boraco

Torre Boraco

The tower is located in Bocca di Boraco district on the homonymous fresh water creek in the town of Manduria. According to the scheme of coastal towers built in the XVI century in the province of Taranto, Torre Borraco is located between Torre S. Pietro and Torre delle Moline: it has a truncated pyramid shape with a square base and is built in Carparo stones with the ending part in counterscarp with three machicolations each side.

The tower was seriously damaged after the implosion of the vault and of the covering. All debris and collapse material at the base of the tower and inside the sole room of the building were recycled and selected in order to be used again for the restoration.
The new staircase is designed as a compact block of stone: two bearing dividing walls in Carparo stones demarcate the sequence of steps while the bridge in COR-TEN steel and larch boards stretches out onto the room door.
Torre Boraco, built in order to defend this area against invasions from the sea, recovered its original function as a garrison on the coastal territory losing its military importance so as to become a privileged place to admire the landscape.

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